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Caer Cadarn

Where being Gorean isn't just about a role, but a way of life!

A dedicated group of Goreans that feel being Gorean isn't just a role, but an identity we embrace.

3rd Year Home Stone Celebration

Seems like it was only yesterday that we declared we had Home Stone. Caer Cadarn became a village. Our citizens growing steadily. New Free, the slave house expanding, and then we come upon our third year of our Home Stone. Our lands have grown, and we became a Free Port. 


Home Stone Celebration

Several months ago it was voiced by the Free of Caer that they wished for the village to have its own home stone. Much preparations went into our week long celebration, which started off strong with a dance competition. Even the free  men got in on the fun and danced with the girls to Smooth Criminal.







The week was jam packed with activities, from discussions at the Gorean Campus, about Home Stone, to wheel barrel races, or fun in the dunk tank!

Our tarn ship was named, the winner of the naming contest being Hammer, who chose Odins Wrath. To honor the ship and appease the Thassa, the Harbor Master Aegeus conducted the ceremony.

There was a breath quickening wheel barrel race, that wound around the land, hazards all over the place, but was a lot of fun. Aegeus took first place, leaving us all in the dust.


We never lost sight though of the main event, which was the placement of our Home Stone and those free the pledged their loyalty to it. Tears were shed by both Free and slave, as oaths were taken, each heart being touched by what was happening here. 

After Draco and Gorm picked up soil, as is the way of the wagons, and clasped hands, joining as brothers, and Aegeus also joined in. Our village and the Cartius Plains Camp pledging to one another. It was moving, a once in a lifetime experience for sure as you saw strong men declaring brotherhood and allegiance to one another

Caer Cadarn is made up of a group of Free and slaves, that believe in working hard, bringing out the best in one another. We are not about ourselves, but our community as a whole, and the HoRettes did a moving performance of dance, declaring their love for the village and the free that they serve.

In true gorean manner, there was a time for celebration and the HoRettes invited all of the free to join them in celebration.

Caer Cadarn

Experience what being Gorean means, not by watching but by participating. Joins us today at Caer Cadarn!


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